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Biondi Engineering's research team has been involved in research and development in the military, industrial and medical fields for over 25 years. With a portfolio of over 50 core patents we have accumulated a unique horizontal know-how that ranges from microelectronic design to the creation of complex cloud platforms, from embedded artificial intelligence solutions to programming of big data analysis systems, from the creation of industrial grade blockchains, to the design of production lines, from the realization of multispectral three-dimensional scanning systems to biometric identification applications.

Research and Development

We have dedicated the last 10 years to develop an ecosystem of solutions to make a fundamental sector for humanity more efficient and sustainable: the production of food. At a time when the cost of energy and raw materials is growing beyond all expectations due to the geopolitical events that we all know, farms are increasingly struggling to survive.
Our goal is to make large production activities related to the protein industry (i.e. milk and meat production) more sustainable from an environmental point of view, more efficient from a management and economic point of view and at the same time increasing animal welfare.

In the following video a quick overview of our activity in this field.

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