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"Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so"

Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642)


The world's first fully automatic three-dimensional multispectral system to assess the phenotype of animals in real-time

KPIs in Dairy

Increase of successful inseminations

Optimization of feeding during dry period

Reduction of metabolic problems

Reduction of lameness problems

Reduction of medications

Increase of milk production

Yamamoto Tsunetomo (1659 - 1719)

Nothing is impossible in this world.
Firm determination, it is said, can move heaven and earth. Things appear far beyond one's power, because one cannot set his heart on any arduous project due to want of strong will.

The world's first system for radio frequency identification (RFID) and traceability in liquid nitrogen (-196 °C)


KPIs in frozen semen supply chain

Speed increase in order composition

Reduction of human mistakes

Reduction of frozen straws handling

Increase of semen fertility

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"


The world's first system to certify the authenticity of a physical artwork and its link with the metaverse in a natively digital way

KPIs in the tokenization process

Reduction of complexity

Increase of speed

Increase of value

Increase of security

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)



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