BE ThermoCheck

New Access Control System for Early Infection Detection

Although there are still many risks related to the pandemic, we need to restart our economic activities safely. This need is prompting many to adopt the forehead temperature measurement as a discriminating factor between healthy and potentially sick people. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this method is very limited and easily deceivable with antipyretic medications. Furthermore, asymptomatic subjects do not exhibit temperature changes, although they are equally contagious.

The TC20 system, developed and patented by Biondi Engineering SA and entirely produced in Switzerland, allows to overcome these problems, analyzing in real-time with a proprietary algorithm the three-dimensional thermal model of the face and simultaneously measuring biometric data such as the quantity of oxygen in the blood, the heart rate, the blood pressure and the electrocardiogram, integrating the risk factor with additional assessments such as body weight and BMI tridimensional estimation.

The TC20 system processes data in real-time and can work in stand-alone configuration or in network, on ethernet or WiFi. In the event of an alarm, it can send messages, emails and generate alarms to lock or unlock access gates. It can function as an RFID access control terminal and can interface third-party management softwares and company databases of all kind. It allows to integrate third-party applications to perform specific custom tasks.

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