T Check

Check the temperature of your customers automatically, quickly and safely using our unique three-dimensional thermographic technology.

Discover our R&D work to validatethe first technology for early detection of asymptomatic subjects.


Achieve an unparalleled level of security in your access control system with our revolutionary patented biometric smart card.


Instantly take an ECG and measure the blood oxygen level while badging.

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4DRT-AT r1.6.1.4wp.PNG
4DRT-A v1.6.1.4 a corr.png

Measure the body weight of your livestock without stress and safely. Monitor their growth rate, instantly detect health problems, measure their body condition with the utmost accuracy and fully automatically.

Easy to be installed at the exit of the parlour or inside your milking robots.


Early identify mastitis, starting from the single quarter, and take accurate body condition measurements of your cows with this world's first patented handheld 3D thermographic body composition scanner.

4DRT-M Battery v1.4.2 a.png


Scan a large room, a small object, a living animal or a person with this lightweight and powerful tool directly connected to your iPhone. The three-dimensional models are automatically converted to the format most suitable for your application.

This lightweight and ergonomic device can be used effectively in architecture, industry, medicine and animal breeding.




The world's first 0.25ml straw for the cryopreservation of biological fluids equipped with an RFID microchip for electronic traceability.

Now you can introduce the benefits of electronic traceability and inventory management to your genetic laboratory without having to modify any of the management and production tools you already own.

Discover the ecosystem of solutions for laboratory and field application of the eAI technology.