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Do you want to measure automatically the weight and the body condition of

your livestock ?

We are

already there.

A robust and powerfull

autonomous camera

wide range of power supply
sensor of last
and dustproof
powerfull CPU and neural processors for
real-time elaboration

Body condition

The body condition defined as body fat accumulation influences productivity, reproduction, health, and the longevity of your livestock. Thinness or fatness are indicators of nutritional deficiencies, health problems or improper herd management. The Biondi 4DRT-A will measure the body condition score routinely to enable you and your management team to achieve an optimal scale for each dairy cows customized to your unique preference. All the measurements can be reported as frequently as desired and ensuring accuracy without the human bias.


Body weight

Raising dairy heifers is often the second largest contributor to the total cost of producing milk. Since many cows complete three or fewer lactations, they spend nearly half of their life as growing and non-productive heifers. Monitoring heifer growth is a key strategy to achieve success in raising heifers and maintaining a profitable dairy. The Biondi 4DRT-A system allows body weights to be measured accurately and frequently without causing stress to your cows or your staff. It is a revolution in heifer management that will provide comprehensive information to your team that has never been available before with this level of reliability and with a simple, easy to use API.

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Linear traits (top view)

Stature, width at hips, width at pins, rump angle, angularity
Is your breeding program achieving the results you expect? Regular measurement of the linear traits taken by the Biondi 4DRT-A compared against breed standards will ensure that your herd is achieving the planned breeding cow confirmation targets.


Linear traits (udder)

Fore udder attachment, front teat placement, teat length, rear udder height, central ligament, rear teat position

To produce large quantities of milk, cows must have structurally sound udders which will remain strong through several lactations and not be subject to disease or physical damage. The widespread adoption of robotic milking systems has renewed the interest in breeding the ideal ‘trouble-free’ udder. The Biondi 4DRT-A system will provide the information data capture and analysis of these detailed 3D images as required by you to refine the herd breeding program and to provide the data required for you to track the progress of herd breeding goals.